We love the outdoors and we encourage people to experience the outdoors with our Zodi “Portable, Outdoor” products. Protecting and preserving our natural environment and addressing the impact of climate is at the core of Team Zodi and our corporate responsibility. While enjoying the environment, we have recognized our environmental responsibility. It is our purpose to protect our environment. Our strategy is to reduce our footprint by eliminating the inefficiencies and waste from our operations and manufacturing process, increased conservation efforts and through our production objectives being more environmentally friendly including recyclable and reusable packaging.

The more time we spend outdoors, the more we care about conserving and protecting the environment. The success and dedication we have to the environment begins with us and we encourage our entire team, customers and partners to adopt a vision to all be more environmentally responsible and grow our commitment to the world around us.

We recognize the significant impacts that occur during the manufacturing process and the impact it has on our community and the environment. We are always looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact, improve our efficiency, reducing waste, evaluating our supply chain for the best components and developing our long-lasting innovative products. We hope you share our passion and focus on protecting our world!




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